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Excavator Gear Ring
Excavator Gear Ring
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        The gear ring is forged with boron steel, featuring excellent wear-resistance and impact resistance.
        Tensile strength ≥686MPa
        Extension rate ≥15%
        Contraction rate ≥25%

Forged gear ring:
Name Brand Model Part No.
Gear ring KOMATSU PC60-7 201-27-D1110
Gear ring KOMATSU PC130-7 203-27-D1110
Gear ring KOMATSU PC200/220-7 20Y-27-D3060
Gear ring KOMATSU PC300-6 207-27-61210
Gear ring KOMATSU PC360 207-27-71460
Gear ring KOMATSU PC400-6 208-27-61210
Gear ring KOBELCO B123J(SK5560) YY51D01006P1
Gear ring KOBELCO B128(SK200) 2404N262/YN51D01015P1A
Gear ring KOBELCO B130(SK230  SK250) LQ51D01007P1A
Gear ring KOBELCO B132(SK320  SK350) LC51D01008P1
Gear ring KOBELCO B133(SK450  SK460) LS51D01001P1A
Gear ring CAT 320/320L322/322N 8E9805
Gear ring CAT 325/325L 6Y4898
Gear ring CAT 330 7YD879
Gear ring HITACHI ZX200/ZX220 1010203
Gear ring HITACHI EX200-3/-5 101874
Gear ring HITACHI ZX270/ZX330/EX300-5 1022168
Gear ring HITACHI ZX230 1033091
Gear ring HITACHI ZX55 1033596
Gear ring VOLVO EC210B 14532385
Gear ring VOLVO EC240B 14532401
Gear ring VOLVO EC290B 14532419
Gear ring HYUNDAI R215-7/R225LC-7/R210LC-7 81EM-10012
Gear ring HYUNDAI R305LC-7/R335LC-7/R290LC-7 81N8-10012-C3
Gear ring NEUSON 11002HV 1002304
Gear ring NEUSON BAGGER 1402RD,1502RD 1402054
Gear ring NEUSON BAGGER 1702RD,2202RD 1902229
Gear ring NEUSON BAGGER  272RD,3602RD 2602013
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